FIFA Manager 11 is a football management simulator
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Developed by Bright Future and published by Electronic Arts, FIFA Manager 11 was released in October 2010.
The game is a football management simulation, where the player takes the role of a club manager and competes against the computer, or against 7 other players in the online mode.
Compared with previous editions, this one had multiple improvements, making the game more exciting. A brand new FIFA 3D engine, player manager mode, national teams and match prognosis tool, are just several new additions to this long-time EA franchise.
As a club manager, you are totally in control: team training, tactics, the line-up, bringing new players, and even take care of club facilities and improve the stadium. But this doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want without any consequences. Each player has a morale score that should be as high as possible, otherwise they can get upset or even leave your club. On the other hand, if you try to force a player out of the club, you might have the surprise of getting a hate campaign in the press or inside your own club. Diplomacy is the key here!
Getting new players or making transfers is another option that must be considered very carefully, because it can affect the team performance and players morale. For example, if you receive a good offer from another club for one of your players, and you refuse to discuss it, his morale will be affected.
The game even lets you to talk with your players! You can have entire conversations on topics such as attitude, performance, extra funds, or discipline.
On the graphics side everything is very realistic, Electronic Arts experience with football games is very visible here. Players movement is more dynamic and fluid, goalkeepers look agile and always ready.
A very important aspect of the football management, the tactic information received during the game, is very well implemented also. The amount of information received this way is huge, and the players feedback is impressive. All this makes you feel in control of the action and allow a proper calibration for your team.
FIFA Manager 11 is overall an improvement compared with previous games from this franchise, all the new features and additions that makes it a game of choice for the football fans.

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  • Graphics
  • Lots of new features
  • Immersive
  • Good interface design


  • Poor budget management
  • Some random crashes


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